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Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
4:54 pm
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i approve.

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Saturday, December 10th, 2005
11:28 pm
pictures of the jam for sudan (not taken by me)


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Friday, November 18th, 2005
8:09 pm

You're a Tortoise!

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8:05 pm
can anyone say 12 hours, 54 minutes until coldplay tickets come on sale?! my mom's calling in the morning, 6 tickets. im SO excited

You're Wyoming!

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
7:24 pm
milaaaa i need help.

ok so cplay tickets go on sale sat at 9am and theyre playing at the mohegan sun. so i went to the cplay website and it just has tour dates ect, so im figuring i buy the tickets on the mohegan sun site? but i went there and they only have show dates up until dec 19th and cplay is april, so where should i get the tickets (or do you think theyll at cplay on saturday to the mohegan sun site)!?!?!?!? i suck at this hahaha. but ya so far you and allie can go and beast wants to, she said its pubesent child's bday so i have to call her friday to make sure she can come. but expect that the tickets may be kinda costly, because last show i saw at mohegan sun was 50ish. and its a school night, fyi. okkkk BYE

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Monday, November 14th, 2005
4:59 pm
Over the next three weeks, you'll have more than your share of frustrating encounters with at least one of your superiors, but believe it or not, the situation may not entirely be their fault. Mercury is about to turn retrograde, a period that classically produces all kinds of miscommunications -- at the very least. If you just can't seem to get together with whomever you're planning to see, why not take a little vacation? Putting some distance between you and whomever you're irritated with couldn't hurt.

weird how true these things are.


This astrological forecast is so good, it's like having exactly what you ordered from the universe magically come to pass -- only better, because it doesn't matter where you are or who you're with. It will still show up. You'll feel warm, fuzzy, and oh-so-happy to be with whomever you're with, and the feelings will be mutual. Get together with whomever you've made plans with, and expect it all to go beautifully


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Friday, November 11th, 2005
11:18 pm

so yesterday on our run me, liz, and jenn (freshman) went on jefferson and took random pictures with our cameras and visited gozzi's and went in this cool trail thing and jumped off rocks hahahaa dont even ask

today was such a waste, i was planning to get a lot done but i did NOTHING
-went runnign with liz and said by to those going to New Englands for xc
-was online/music alllll day
-watched tv
-thought about hw hahaa
-music lesson
-some very amusing convos online though hahaha

pretty boring if i'd say so

tomorrow: possibly seeing liv, then babysitting, excpecting calls from sarah/lauren/GREG hahahaha while theyre at the guster concert that i SHOULD be going to but i couldnt because of xc arghhh and xc ended up being in xc, so im not going to that either so really i could go. booooo. then babysitting, finally some cash

sunday: rakeing most likely bwahaha

dec9-- im going to a james taylor concert with my brother, its going to be AWESOME
april4--coldplay concert at mohegan sun...tickets arent on sale YET but me,allie,carolyn,mila are planning on going and my mom and dad want to go too so we have rides and everything.

eeeeee! karanie have fun at earth wind and fire!!!!!

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
2:28 pm

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
1:52 pm - yours truely, richy nix
hahaha halloween was amazing. i shall post some pictures when mila puts them up. i was richard nixon, mila was a fairy, beat was a pirate attracted to girls, and allie was dorthy. and my hat was todo in spirit.

to sum up the night:
nooobody knows the trouble ive seen
a normal day at the opal office... yes, no, maybe
i got some pizza on my tie!
vamanos nixon
can i help you little man?
i, the president of these USA's, declare thee undefined, and therefore must pay me in goody delights

civ: test back 91!!!!! you dont know how much stress that took off of me
eng: didnt have it
chem: didnt have 3rd, then 4th we watched some movie and got tests back...103
wind: "im sorry i cant hear you over the sucking noises coming from carolyn's face"
span: did nothing
jazz: it was like 5 minutes long so basically nada

today is pure terenzi work with a scoliosis appointment and haircut thrown in.

i feel really stressed out today:
-i have so much work for terenzi
-im exhausted
-i have the retreat this weekend so i wont have time to sleep
-my retreat $$ got lost
-ummm i guess thats it but i dont know why but i feel so stressed

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Friday, October 21st, 2005
8:38 pm
ok right now im SO cold that im wearing a sweatshirt, long sleeve, short sleeve, pants, shorts, 2 pairs of socks, and gloves. so bad typing is due to these massive gloves.

hahaha im updating AGAIN only because today was funny and it deserves an update

civ: ok, notes all period so ya i guess it was [pretty boring but thats nothing unusual
eng: haha we all read our poems, some were REALLY good and others were amusing *k------n*, not too too much work in this class for the weekend excpet MAJOR READING in kite runner aaaaa
gym: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH ok so the 4th graders came and me mc sarah alyssa gilbert had the sweet parachute...so j sul began by freaking out because our sheet got cuaght in a vent and ripped in half hahaha so we stapled it "no one will notice" and we got the blank cards haha. then me and sarah wrapped ourselves in the parachute and sasha had us jump hoola hoops hahaha it was amusing... omg the kids were freraking hillariousssss...we found a sarah/lauren/me/greg/mark hahahahhaa. sarah was this little "chubby" girl who was wearing overalls and sarah and her were like twins and had everything in common it was hillariopus "ya i got to eat dinner with mrs.howard when my mom got cancer...IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE" hahah that was disturbing. WHICH HALLOWEEN TOWN DO YOU LOVE?! and mc was watching her in like complete horror. and mc said she was this other larger girl with a velvet jump suit hahaha and i wasthis girl alex and we both loved mashed potatoes and she seriously was like ADD and kept making conversation w/ me about the weirdest things. mark: HAHAH COLIN SRALFER or something bizzare like that. he was an idiopt, had kinda a mohawk, sunglasses and a sweater vest. it was so freaking funny. and then GREG HAHAHAHAHA was BEN!!!! and he kept making kiss-faces and it was sooo weird and he kept screaming really high pitches and weould spaz out and start m,aking the parachute gop crazy and the teachers had to calm him down lmao it was sooooo funny
alg2: took a quiz on stuff i missed yesterday, pulled off a 1-0-0 biotch
spanish: got an a on that last quiz...me and sarah were astonished at marks...knowledge?!
jazz lab: haha liv informed me that the guitar section yesterday was freaking out b/c i wasnt there haha and apparently james stalks me in the halls and i dont even know his name hahahaha. but today boates wasnt here so we got a study hall!! we went to the library and umm talked the whjole time haha it was funnn

ok that was long hahaha. xc was reallllly funny omg! ok so me/kelsey/spencer/trevor/wei/taylor were sent on a run and me and kelsey hung baclk b/c it was a recovery day and we didnt want to go fast. so we like walked ran parts of briarwood haha and like took our own short cuts which werent even cutting off anthing except liek a foot hahahaha. and then so we got to hahn and we were like ehh lets walk up the hill. and of course were just about to start going and we here WHAT ARE YOU DOING (in a scarcastic-ish voice) and we turn and its the ghuys varisty and were like SHIT and i seriously was like swearing my head off i know unusual! hahah so we were like sprinting away and ran into the other half of boys varsity like all the upperclassmen guys... so we figured pat and matt and alex and nick were behind us. so we get to redocat and stop for a second and were like ok they might tell so we have to think of some excuise. so were like ok what what what. and then kelsey is like "well remember that black cat we saw,. we could say it attacked me?" and thats what we stuck to hahaha. so we literally took a pricker and made like small scratches and cuts on kelseys leg to make it look like she got attacked...and we planned out the whole thing: we were running up hahn when the cat ran across the road and kelsey like ran into it and screamed and it spazzed out and scratched her. so we cxome back and luckily not toooo tooo lonmg after the guys (we found that out later) and we had to make it look convincing so we run over to liz and im like OMG LOOK AT KELSEY and liz is like OMG and so faitch and ford and everyone bought the whole thing LMFAO and ford even told kelsey to wash the cut inxcase of "cat scratch fever" and he was seirous. hahahahaha it was soooooo funny!!!!! l;mfao i love xc im so glad im doing it...and liz is gunna do indoor im so happy!! this team is so miuch fun seriously its hillarious...and it makes me laugh how like 2 years ago i was like WHY WULD ANYONE RUN FOR FUN HONESTLY?! well a lot of things change in 2 years, let alone 1 yr. and i may like someone... =)

ok so thats my massive update, haha bye!

current mood: crazy

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Thursday, October 20th, 2005
8:48 pm

wellll today i got out at 11:40 to go to SCCs woooo!!

civics test was kinda hard, and then sorta zoned out the rest of the day...but ya we went andd hung out...JV wasnt running until 4:10 hahah so we cheered and what not. the race went well, i was nervouse since it was THEEEE Scc's, but i came in 5th out of 100! so i was really happy about that.

clean up was hillarioussss. it was me/liz/shannon/jen agaime and faitch drove us in the gator to clean up all this rope stuff which took SO LONG because we tangled it all up and it was like a mile of rope literally. but we sang (i wanna dance with somebody/so fresh and so clean!)and had cat tail wars and liz sexually rolled the rope like ALWAYS haha her stance. and then faitch called us idiots because we still werent done and then we finally finished and rode back STANDING haha it was sooo fun...and we talked the whole time so ya it was awesome. and then the ride home was funny hahaha. BRYNN STOP GROPING MY ARM! pat doesnt have to try to be gay hahahaha well anyway ya inside jokes with myself......

friday tomorrow!

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
6:42 pm

super flynnn

youre uglyyy

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6:03 pm

not fight not ninja

or simply-- not ninja

good freaking break

donated to science

thats it for now

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5:41 pm
ok ideas so far:

j sul 48

super flynn

bodacious flynn

youre uglyyy

thats it and ya i know some people will be like oh those are stupid, but i think theyre hill-ar-i-ous SO THERE

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Monday, October 17th, 2005
8:38 pm
pssst i REALLY need a new sn. i dont even play soccer anymore

suggestions?!?!? fo serious i cant think of anythinggggggggg BOO

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7:08 pm - someones got the case of the mondays
for a monday, today was quite...SWELL


civ: good, stef and i decided to wear our glasses for once so we could actually read hahaha and ya humorous class i guess? it went by fast today
eng: got back articles...94 YAAAA! and then talked about this one poem and the paper we handed in today and yadda yadda. it was a funny class on the whole, since we just had to like think of childhood memories the whole time and me and olivia had no idea what to write haha "these are all depressing" and next weekend i might get together with ally/liv/becca to watch sisterhood of the t-pants
gym: HAHAHA I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok we did NOTHING, sarah climbed on these ropes like 30 ft in the air it was so funny she was freaking out. j sul said "im so proud of you, give me a hug" to sarah lmfao it was amazing. and then me curt lauren ryan decided to run to the fortress in the woods where j sul brought us that one day to reminise hahah it was hillarious, ryan ran through pricker patches and we left him there. and we took the love grapes! and also we were all cracking open hazelnuts that smelled SO GOOD and people were like eating them and mark put one in his nose and goes "look now i can smell it all the time!" and i tried cracking open a rubber ball and almost killed myself
wind: uhh YA
alg2: switched seats...kinda better people now, not a whole lot though. boring worrkkkkkk
span: WOW HAHAH HILLARIOUS! we got all these spanish mini stories with pictures and me and sraah labeled them haha it was so funny
jazz: gooood time like always haha

then practice, got to run with varisty. then me and ally watched FH which was fun but SO COLD AAAA!

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDd i only have like 10 minutes of spanish tonight YES YES YE SYE S THIS IS A FIRST

current mood: giddy

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Sunday, October 16th, 2005
9:08 pm
haha today was funnnny

harvest festival 1-4...lets just say me ally and amelia were trapped in a moon bounce for 3 hours. oh ya let me mention that it actually deflated one time while we wre in it and the little kids were FREAKING out and it was sooo funny hahahahah. but ya that was actually fun. we saw coach ford and diana and laura so me and ally visited them (they just got in from a run) and apparently im "it girl" of the xc team hahaa that made me laugh

then coldstone w/olivia and becca, which was a really good time! we talked about SOMEONE hummm hahaha it was hillarious listening to those stories poor becca. ice cream was so good omg! but ya it was just a really good time, we're gunna teach becca to play instruments hahaha

i guess thats all i wanted to say

monday: practice
tuesday: practice + SADD (i gotta get those forms ally!!)
wednesday: practice + Unity + student officers meeting
thursday: leave early for SCC meet aaaaaa
friday: practice + music + thats it

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Saturday, October 15th, 2005
1:21 pm - im too sexy for this subject
ok so the happenings of this weekend...

psats were this morning. i expected worse i guess? they annoyed me though because they were like the CMTS but harder. math seemed pretty easy, but i DEF sucked a lot at the vocab parts. ooh well!

then im hanging out all day. tried to get the new sims2 at walmart, but they didnt have it =( i have some work to do on the terenzi paper (well a LOT of work) but ill do that at like 3 or 4. then im going to the movies to see elizabeth town with liv tonight...NOT ALLY because shes babysitting. loserrrrr hahaha.

and WIN MX ISNT WORKING. i cant get any songs now and its been broken for the past like 2 weeks and its making me really mad now!

tomorrow: harvest festival 1-5, then to coldstone for some fun and ice cream =)

hmmm i guess thats really all to say. the sun is finally coming out now its a miracle!!

ok im going to go watch tv/sleep and vegitate on the couch

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Monday, October 10th, 2005
4:15 pm - thursday
so we have thursday off.

which has turned into a CABE board game marathon.

games include:

apples to apples
trivial pursuit


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Sunday, October 9th, 2005
6:31 pm - days in a nutshell
so i updated last........wednesday? thursday?

well friday i went to school obviously and did who knows what aka learning and then after i had practice. went to beccas house with cat to work on homecoming signs that we had to make for student council. then left for music lessons/packing and went back over there, but now quincy madeline olivia and matt were all there and made beastly signs. went to cats to sleep over since we were leaving for boston early sat morning

saturday- boston was mucho funnnn went shopping, quincy market, CHEESE CAKE FACTORY, got this cool spy game that we played, movie fest, ect

sunday: went to breakfast and then came home. ive been doing little to nothing all day (except for helping the ducks haha MILA)

but ya next saturday will stink butt. i have PSATs from 8-12ish then to community service. oh well, maybe the harvist festival will be a good time haha? but ya everyone is freaking out about the PSATs. should i be? i dont really understand why though...its a practice test not the real thing, and your not supposed to really study for it so ill just look at the packet.

today: i got to TV and finally relax since the first time in forever. and my mom made my favorite cookies!!! and mrs doubtfire was on today!

so now i just have to do spanish tonight along with some reading for terenzi and then im calling it a day. tomorrow is practice, dentist, science hw, and i think there may be a pasta party.

THURSDAY OFF: CABE wanna come here? you guys havent been over since COLDPLAY <333333

current mood: good

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